Annie and Andrew met on a dating app after she had gotten burned out on typical dating and was only swiping on people with running photos. Her goal was to meet running buddies so that she'd have people to run and train with. Annie and Andrew happen to both compete for varsity cross country and track and field teams in college so running is a huge part of their lives. Their first date - "not date" - was a 6 mile run. Annie started crushing on her new running buddy pretty early on. They finally went on a traditional dinner date and 6 years later are happily married!

Annie grew up on the east coast, so many of the guests were going to be travelling to Seattle for the first time. She wanted a wedding venue that would highlight what makes Seattle special, and fell in love with the the rooftop ceremony view. They did not want to waste time or energy on decorations so they chose the Fremont Foundry due to its cool minimalist space that didn't need much for the event to feel memorable and cohesive. And lastly, Annie and Andrew fell in love with the versatility of the space:

"You've got a sunny city rooftop, shady outdoor courtyard, modern penthouse, three story tall atrium and dance floor space, cheerful studio space with great lighting and colorful mural. We did not have a strong vision as to what we wanted for the theme or flow of the day yet but we knew that the venue could accommodate anything due to all these different types of spaces included in the rental."

One of our favorite ideas from the wedding day was they asked each guest to warm their rings and make a wish for the couple. We thought this was a sweet way to include everyone in the ceremony which is typically very couple-focused! As with the rest of their day, they kept their reception simple with some of their favorite items like peach blackberry skewers and a seasonal buffet spread. If you are interested in learning more about our catering options check out our Menu Packages & Enhancements!

When asked what details were the most memorable on the day of Annie had two: 

"Our fantastic venue coordinator, Selma, got a concert next door to pause the music for 20 minutes during our rooftop ceremony so that everyone could hear our readings and vows. She truly went above and beyond for us."

They also accidentally created a "surprise" grand entrance through the studio garage door. While Annie and Andrew thought this was the obvious and expected entry, the guests were shocked when the door started to slowly raise to unveil the bride and groom. It created a fun and memorable entrance for everyone!

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Photographer: Jenn Tai & Co.

Venue: Fremont Foundry
Florals: Nadira Design
Catering: Landmark Event Co.
Hair: Swink Style Bar
Dress: BDHLN
Music: Seattle Parties
Cake: The Bakeshop WA

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