Landmark Event Co operates six event venues throughout Seattle and the surrounding areas, focusing on weddings and company events. The mission of Landmark Event Co. is to save historic buildings from demolition and redevelopment by turning them into event spaces. The company was born when the founder, Dhruv Agarwal, fell in love with the Fremont Foundry, a dilapidated artist colony in Seattle’s quirky Fremont neighborhood. Dhruv purchased and renovated the building with the intention of housing the office of True Brands, his other company, but the renovations were so expensive that another purpose for the building was needed in order to make it affordable. Turning it into an event venue was the solution, and the rest is history. Landmark Event Co.’s venues include a docked wooden ferry (Skansonia) and a working organic farm (Fox Hollow). Landmark is also proud to now be the owner of Herban Feast Catering, a long-time favorite in the Pacific Northwest.

creating events as unique as our customers

At Landmark Event Co. we know that our customers have many options when choosing venues for their Seattle weddings and events. Our customers come to us because they’re searching for something unique and immersive, striving to create memorable experiences outside of what they and their guests might encounter on a regular day. We take our event guests on remarkable journeys of new discovery in spaces full of character to deliver an effortless event experience. We offer in-house event planning and coordination and farm-to-table seasonal menus in order to create turn-key memorable events for our customers. 


our event and catering services are routinely recognized as the best in the city

570 ROY ST, SEATTLE, WA 98109

entrance is located in the alleyway near the elephant sign

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