Fremont Foundry


The building which now houses Fremont Foundry Events was opened in 1981 as a hub for Fremont's eclectic artist community and played a special part in Seattle's art focused counterculture.

Some of Seattle's most famous (and infamous) statues were brought to life here. This is where the Jimi Hendrix statue was created by Daryl Smith in 1997 before being moved to Capitol Hill, and Fremont's continually controversial Vladimir Lenin statue, brought from Slovakia in 1989, was actually reconstructed.

The building morphed with the times and people who lived, worked and created public, private and communal art within the artist colony that spanned over three decades. Add to the history with your event.



Fremont Foundry

154 North 35th St.
Seattle, WA 98103


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Our unconventional event space is retrofitted with modern technology and offers convenient in house amenities.

The building’s industrial character and its historic past will surely be a topic of conversation.

The Fremont Foundry's distinct spaces give you the opportunity to create a dynamic experience for your guests.




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